A Little Surprise


Oh, It’s you again, the small dick loser. Hush your mouth and come over here so I can get you dressed. Today you are in for a little surprise. I bought you something and I want it you to put it on. I pull out a brand new sexy see through red negligee, white nylon stockings, and black heels. You comply with my wishes and put the outfit on. There you go my sissy boy. I own your ass now, you pin prick dick.
Now I want you to bend over my bed with your ass up in the air. Smack! Smack!
“What did I say? I told you not to talk!”
“Now do not talk unless you are spoken to.”
I stick my finger in your ass dry. I take it out and get on my knees. I start licking around your asshole and down to your balls. You moan really loud. Smack!
“I told you no noise at all. Do you hear me you little small pecker whore”
I walk over to my drawer and pull out my strapon. I slowly put the head of the dick inside your asshole. I start thrusting my dick inside your hole. I bend over and grab the head of your little nub. I can feel the strapon moving against my clit. It feels so good I can feel myself about to cum. I thrust it in deeper and faster causing myself to cum all over the place. The wet liquid starts running down my leg. My pussy is so wet in anticipation.

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Black Cock Sensation


Oh My! You caught me sticking my new pink dildo into this tight cunt. I can’t help but think about that time that I was satisfied by a big black cock. Again I wouldn’t have to stick any other cock into my pussy if you didn’t have such a nub. I mean my pinkie finger is bigger than your cock. Let’s move on now because I can not get off thinking about your cock.

I was sitting by the pool wearing nothing but a hot pink thong. I was laying on my belly when I was approached by this smoking hot muscular black man. He asked if he could lotion my back. I gladly agreed.  He started to rub the lotion in. I could feel his strong hands glide from my shoulders to the back of my thigh. He lingered on my thigh as the rubbing got more intense. I could feel as my pussy started to comply and my legs started to open. I allowed him to shift his hand up far enough for his hand to be cupping my pussy. He shoved my head down just like it is in the picture and started fingering my pussy. I could feel my pussy tighten around his fingers. He thrust his fingers in and out of my pussy. Before I could explode all over his fingers, he took them out and  shoved his huge cock into this tight cunt.  Instantly I came all over his cock making him explode in my pussy.

That excites you doesn’t it? It’s not like you could tell with your itty bitty dick. Ha, ha, ha! What a joke! Now cum here and suck all of his cum out of my pussy bitch!

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A Buzzing Good Time


MMMM this dildo feels so good in my tight cunt. You know it figures I would have to do this since you can’t get me off you small dick loser. I want you to sit there and watch as I force my pink vibrator in this wet twat. Do you want to help? Too bad, whore!  HA HA HA, you’re penis couldn’t satisfy me! It couldn’t satisfy anyone. No wonder all your girlfriends have cheated on you. You’re pathetic! A complete utter loser. Now sit here as I gracefully glide my favorite toy in and out of this beautiful cunt.  Oh My God, it feels so good. I am about to cum. I want you to stroke your cock as I cum all over this vibrator. Do you like that? You do, don’t you? Look at you jerking that pin prick dick with your thumb and pointer finger. What a joke! You want to satisfy me? Well, do you?  Then you need to bow down to me and take this humiliation like the little slut that you are.

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Itty Bitty Dick Committee


What are you doing? Are you masturbating that tiny dick of yours? You surly can’t satisfy me with that thing. I mean look at me. I am a barely legal blonde bombshell and you are just a loser. Just look at your dick! You must belong to the itty bitty dick committee. Since you can’t satisfy me it is time for me to fuck this big black cock. I want you to stay in that corner and watch me fuck this black cock.

You stand in the corner watching from afar as I guide the entire shaft into my tight cunt. You like that don’t you pencil dick? Good thing I am very experienced when it comes to sph. Maybe if you are good I will let you lick me clean. Back to the matter at hand, watch this ginormous cock as it slowly stretches this pussy out. It doesn’t take long before he is shooting his wade of cum into my pussy. You liked that didn’t you loser. If you had a big enough cock maybe you could have joined in. Now cum here my little cum puppy and suck this cum out of my twat.

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Cable guy


OMGoodness. I have just had the most amazing experience, like straight from a porno experience. The cable went out and I had to call a repairperson out.
Oh My. Did I luck out; they sent Felipe out to my home, Mmmmm This man was gorgeous. Tall, lean and muscular, tatted and OH such beautiful mocha colored skin.  After he finished checking the out the cables lines and making sure my telephone and TV were working properly he came into the house. I must’ve made some sort of a sound cause he walked over, got real close and asked me if there was anything else he could assist me with, anything at all. Boy did I ever! Before I could finish nodding, his mouth covered mine. I knew by the way he kissed that this man was gonna fuck me just right, giving me pussy the attention that my current boyfriend couldn’t even dream of doing.

I undid his pants and his cock was huge. The term Big Black Cock does not do him justice. This was the biggest dick I had ever seen, my mouth began to water as I anticipated licking and sucking on this giant cock. I slid to my knees and fulfilled my desire of licking and sucking his cock while playing with his balls. MMMM delicious! He held my head close as he pumped his hips and began fucking my mouth. My pussy got so wet! Then he brought me to my feet by pulling on my hair. I love the way he took charge! He lifted my skirt and bent me over the couch, entering me all in the same motion. Soon I was crying and writhing with pleasure and pain, his cock was so big it hurt; it was so big that it brought me such pleasure and this man! Damn could Felipe fuck!
Then I heard it. The door. My boyfriend Don came home. It did not stop us! I kept moaning and crying, pleading for him not to stop, as though Felipe had any intention of stopping, he just pulled my hair harder and smacked my ass. My boyfriend rounded the corner and stopped dead in his tracks. His mouth dropped open. Then Felipe said “sit down boy; let me show you how to fuck a woman.” I kid you not, when Don sat down I laughed. I laughed aloud. I laughed at the pleasure Felipe was giving me and the look of shock and awe on Don’s face. I was screaming louder now, enjoying being fucked and enjoying the look on Don’s face.

I told Felipe I wanted his cum in my mouth and my pussy. MMM I wanted Don to watch as Felipe filled my holes with his cum. Oh Did he ever. He came so hard! I had cum filling my pussy, dripping from my pussy, he pulled out still cumming and pushed me to my knees and came into my mouth.
When he finished I walked over to Don and I grabbed his jaw and squeezed open his mouth, I was going to give him a taste, and I spit Felipe’s cum into his mouth and made him swallow. I told him to lick my pussy clean. I told him that if he could lick my pussy and make me cum again I might let him fuck me and cum inside me too.
Call me… I’ll let you know if Don got to cum…

Now that you have read how wonderful my orgasm was you don’t get to cum lol
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My small penis loser just loves to hear about me getting fucked by that big, black cock don’t you!?  You love it when I tell you have he had my legs up on his shoulders and was pounding my sweet little pussy for hours!  You know your little cock just can’t satisfy me anymore.  Sometimes when he is deep inside me, we talk about you and your little cock!  And then we have to stop for a minute because we are laughing so hard about your itty bitty penis!!  Maybe one day we will let you watch so you know how a real man is supposed to fuck a woman!

Call now so I can finish telling you all about how we humiliate and talk about you while he pleasures me! 1-800-485-9561

 Marvelous Mandy

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Cum have a taste with me!


You’re such a small penis loser aren’t you!?  Squat in the corner like a good little bitch!  Hands on your knees.  Don’t touch that cock even once!!  Watch while I take this big, hard cock in my mouth!  You want to taste it too don’t you slut?  Maybe if you’re a good little bitch I will let him stick it in your tight little mouth at least once!  Watch him take my sweet little pussy from behind!  Banging my tight pussy until he fills me with his cum!  Then you will crawl to me like the little cum puppy you are and lick and suck all of his hot cum out of my pussy!

Be a good little small penis loser and call now!  Luscious Lauren…..1-800-485-9561

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I’m his slave too!


My master is not only master to me, but he is also your master!  You are such a small penis loser that I have to be satisfied by only him now!!  He controls both of us now and I just can’t get enough!  He ties us both up and takes turns sticking his big, black cock in our mouths!  I actually think he likes the way you suck cock better, since that’s all you’re good for anyway!  But he loves leaving you in the corner stroking your own cock while he fucks your more than willing wife!  That black cock feels so incredible pounding my pussy!  Almost makes me glad you have such an insanely disappointing small cock!  Sometimes I hear you whimpering in the corner which just makes me laugh!  I used to whimper when you would fuck me too!  Because I couldn’t feel anything and would be so unsatisfied!  You can’t make me cum with that little dick of yours!  So pathetic!

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Your boss wanted a favor!


Your boss wants to fuck me?  Just the thought of it made my panties wet!  I had met him at that party last week and haven’t been able to stop wondering about how big his cock is since.  Your dick is just so damn small!!  Every time I look at it I laugh.  So when you told me that your boss said he will fire you if you don’t let him fuck me…..well, let’s just say, we both knew I would be fine it.  Finally some satisfying sex!  And your such a fucking loser that now I have to save your job for you as well!  You are a good for nothing small penis loser!  I just hope he will enjoy humiliating you as much as I do while he fucks my sweet hole.  Your humiliation makes me cum even harder.  Your tiny little dick does nothing for me anymore.

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Lady Lauren  1-800-485-9561 

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I love riding that bbc!!


My husband makes the best little cuckold loser!  He is in charge of being the fluffer for me and my play toys!  His jobs are to keep  their big black cocks nice and hard, to lick their cum out of my pussy and ass, and to sit in the corner and take pictures while I get pleasured!  And the little bitch knows his place!  The day he took this picture he had to lick my pussy clean three times and my ass once.  It was a great day!  I love riding that hard cock while he squeezes my titties so hard!  And when he pinches my big hard nipples it makes me so wet!   Sometimes we stop fucking just long enough to look over at my husband and laugh!  He is usually weighing a pair of red lacy panties and his red lipstick has been smeared all over his face from sucking cock!  It’s a hilarious sight.  But then I start to feel that black cock throb inside me and I just have to start bouncing up and down on it again!  Sometimes my lovers will bend him over and fuck his tight little ass just to show him who is completely in charge!

Do you think you would make a good little bitch for us to play with?  Are you looking for some incredible small dick humiliation phone sex?  Call me now and let’s make this happen!  1-800-485-9561  Riding Regina

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