My boyfriend invited his co-worker over

My boyfriend has a very small penis and I know from our experiences together that size matters!

He clearly noticed that he could not make me cum through penetration so after work one day he came home super excited talking about how he has a surprise that I will like but might find awkward at first. He told me that he’d spoken to his close friend at work about not being able to please me sexually and that his friend was on his way over! I was taken back by the surprise but found myself very intrigued. Who was this man and what excited my boyfriend about him?

Well when the guy came over he walked over to my boyfriend and shook his hand,  called me over and proceeded to put my hands in his pants. At that moment, I’ve honestly never been more turned on. My pussy was wetter than it has ever been and all because not only was he simply tall, dark and handsome but his cock was fucking HUGE! It must have been at least 11 inches of long, hard, thick, rippling muscle and all I could think of was him bending me over and sliding that big,  juicy, throbbing cock inside me. My knees started to go weak from the excitement my body was under.

I couldn’t wait to see it but as I unzipped his pants to whip it out he took my hand and led me to the bed.

Call me know to find out what happened! With some amazing small penis loser phone sex.

Kelli Anne



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I don’t know why we have to bring your nephew with us to visit my friends. He’s in his twenty’s he can stay by himself I said to my worthless and dickless husband. “It’s just for the weekend it’s not going to kill you if he comes along.” “You don’t know that. I barely make it through the day with your nub of a cock what the hell am I supposed to do with a twenty some year old that I’m sure is as dickless as you are.” As usually he didn’t say another word. What a gutless excuse for a man. We got to the hotel and right away I saw my four girlfriends I’ve known since college. We’ve all explored each other’s bodies and couldn’t wait for this weekend. We all hugged and then Margo said “who’s that.”? I told them all at the same time so I wouldn’t have to say it over and over again. “I’m so sorry I had to bring him. This is my nephew Jonathon, My bitch husband made me bring him but don’t worry we’ll make fun of him at the pool and I’m sure it runs in the family so I doubt Jonathon has a cock either.” “In fact why don’t we all get out suits on and meet at the pool.” Everyone agreed and sure enough both my worthless husband and his dickless nephew as we all could see by the lack of anything bulging from their swim trunks. I went straight up to Jonathon put my hand right on his dick and said to my girls “I think he’s a girl. There’s nothing here but a vagina.” Jonathon started to sob. It was the best weekend ever with my little pecker husband. Call Gertrude today if you want your teeny tiny dick sucked.


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The First Night pt.1

Hi  my name is Howard  and I would like to become better acquainted was how he introduced himself. He seem so self assured. Tall good looking everything a woman could want in a hot catch right. Nothing could be farther from the truth. He was nothing but a small penis loser. All he was good for was paying my bills is what I later found out. He had a real good job upper level management so he was use to bossing people around but when he came home to me he was nothing but a big pussy. He is such a joke so much so that I have a big black lover who routinely comes over and fucks me before he gets home.  Then I make him eat the dripping cum out of my pussy before I put on my strapped on and and fuck him like the little pussy he is. The first night this happen was back last October. We had been dating for 3 weeks by then so I thought it is time to give in and let him have some. We got home from a night of frolicking and I  was ready for some  hot wild  sex. We were at my house and the mood was right and we were getting hot and heavy when my hands travel down and felt a small bulge.  Oh I am thinking that he is just starting to get hard and we continue kissing and removing our clothes. By this time I was so horny I was having a melt down imagining that cock penetrating  my pussy. He stood up and I saw what look like my thumb on his body. It was hard and sticking up but going no where . ” What wrong baby ” he asked. ” That little prick you call a dick.” I replied.  ” Oh baby come on let me please you with it” I stopped him before he could go further. ” Look I have to make a phone call. I need to get fuck tonight and you are not up to the challenge. ” He looked completely mortified. Your are going to call someone over here while I am still here.  You are going to humiliate me.” Pulling my cell from out of my purse.” Look stay or leave I really don’t care but are not fucking me with that that toothpick.” Holding his little cock. ” But you got me hot baby ” Dialing the number on my phone. “Look the best you can do is eat me out and that was how he was when Mario walk in  getting my pussy ready to be fuck by a real dick.

Want to be my little penis loser



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Little Dick Mark, Goes To A Nude Beach

Keep the blindfold on until we get there I told Mark as I tightened the knot even harder so he couldn’t peek. I had a special surprise for my little dick friend. I pull the car up to the last parking spot and start giggling to myself thinking there are so many nudists here at this beach. I’m going to humiliate Mark the dickless wonder. My two girlfriends who rode in the back were dying to get Mark out and let everyone at the nudist beach see his pink dick. When I took off the blindfold I made sure my two black stallions were standing right next to him so it would like a vagina even more than it already did. Everyone started laughing so hard they had tears rolling down their cheeks. Someone yelled “that’s not a dick that’s a pink pussy.”  Another shouted “we need a magnifying glass to see where this losers little penis is.” Marks face just turned red from humiliation. He tried to hide his tiny wee-wee with his hand but I made him put his hands behind his back so that everyone that walked by could see his pink pussy. Every once in a while someone as they passed mark would try to touch it but they just got pissed off because when they tried to feel it there was nothing there but a lump. A limp lump.  So people just started calling him lumpy. I made Mark watch as my black stallion put his 11 inch rock hard cock in my sweet, sweet pussy. I moaned so fucking loud and told lumpy no dick Mark “this you pathetic loser is a real dick. Look at it” I took it out of my pussy and grabbed the base of his throbbing cock and made Mark hold it. He held the stiff cock with my pussy juice coming off the sides and dripping on the ground. “Now get on your loser girly knees and suck it.” Mark opened his mouth and my stallion shoved it so far down his throat he started gagging. Cum watch him choke on a real cock. Call Miss Ginger today..


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HA! HA! HA! I laugh!

Oh my I thought to myself. You have got to be kidding me. His dick was so fucking small I thought it didn’t exist and then I felt it.” What the fuck is this you fucking loser? ” I ask him. His reply “My big dick baby”. He must have wanted me to laugh cause calling that non existence piece of shit of  a cock big threw me into hysterics. I mean I look right at him and laugh my fucking ass off. The look on his hound dog face was priceless and I had no pity for the little dick-less loser. “Baby…” he started to whine looking like he had fucking tears in his eyes and I could not help myself I started to laugh harder. Ok I am a heartless bitch that don’t like little dick-less losers who want to waste my time when I want to be fuck. So I knew what I had to do. He had to pay for wasting my time. Damn he made me lose that big dick motherfucker that was at the club. Oh yeah he is going to pay. All of a sudden I shift gears on him. I smile my pretty smile and rub his little dick. He was so eager to please the little loser bought my act hook line and sinker. I said “I’m sorry baby. I know that you really want to please me don’t you. ” He nodded a quick yes. Then the look in my eyes change as I twisted his little cock in my hands and had him instantly on his hands and knees. He look up at me trying to keep from crying out in pain.” Don’t you ever think that I would fuck a little cock-less loser like you ever in life.” Then I slowly let go and said very softly all you are good for is licking my pussy and that is only after I’ve been fuck….if you are a litte small penis loser and want to this cream pie call me at


You want be disappointed!

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Suzanne Gets Fucked By A Big Black Cock!

Lick his big balls loser!

When I’ve talk to you about how great it is to be fucked by a big black cock during our little cuckold phone sex sessions, you always wish you could see me get fucked.  Well, you tiny dick loser, here you go, he is fucking me with my legs high up in the air!  I told you I love getting his massive hard cock shoved deep inside my dripping wet pussy.  Some of you lucky guys have even heard me getting fucked by Marcus.

You remember Marcus don’t you?  He has that huge throbbing rod that I get to fuck all of the time!  I make you watch as I ride him reverse cowgirl style and you can actually see his cock part my pussy lips and slide all of the way in!  You see his black hands reach around and hold onto my beautiful full tits and bounce me up and down on his shaft.  I crook my finger and tell you to come over here and get on your knees in front of my pussy and his cock and tell you to watch.  Watch closely as that cock goes up and down, in and out, back and forth, and with each thrust that shaft gets wetter and wetter.

You have your pathetic little nub in your hand rubbing it like a pussy as you gaze up at me with this look of longing on your face.  You are such a small dick loser!  I grab you by the back of your head and smash your face right up against my pussy.  I tell you lick it and eat our fuck!  Slide your tongue right down to his big balls and suck them good for him.  It makes his dick really hard for my soaking wet cunt! You feel my juices start to slowly drip right onto your face as he fucks me harder and harder!

Perhaps, if you are a good little fuck toy, I will let you suck his cum right out of my pussy….perhaps…….

Call me today for some hot phone sex and I will tell you how to cum!



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A small band aid for your tiny pee-pee

Grow a fucking dick loser. Buy some magic beans or something
because that is a vagina. I’m going to have to put a bag over your head I can’t
stand looking at you and that teeny weeny pee-pee at the same time. Maybe we
should get a band aid and put it over your penis. It would be a perfect fit. I don’t
mean the regular size you idiot I mean the little ones. That would be so funny I
could get my girls over here and show them your pee-pee fits a tiny band
aid.  Then we’ll strap you to the chair
while we four girls get to playing. You’re such a loser you’re probably going
to cry when you can’t play with our mature tits and oh damn I love sucking tit.
If you whine I’ll put in the ball gag you big whineass baby. That’s why your
dick is so small you’re still a baby. Do you need your blanky too tiny little baby?
I’m going to take the band aid off so everyone can look at your vagina you call
a dick. I bet you never show your friends how little your wee-wee is. You want
some mature women to teach you all about sex? If so dial this number loser and
ask for Mistress Sylvia…I’ll teach you how it’s really done.



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Fresh Cream For A Phonesex Loser

You came to me last night on your hands and knees begging for a taste of my freshly fucked pussy. You knew it was the only thing I would allow you to do since you don’t have a cock I could use for my own pleasure. It is way too tiny for fucking. I laughed and teased you making that nub twitch. You loved the humiliation so much your oversized clit spit before you could bury your face in the steamy creampie. Ready for round two?

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Goddess Danica


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Little Dick gets to suffer.


There’s a chair set up in my room just for you, its where you will sit if you are lucky enough to be allowed to watch me get fucked by a real man.  You know what a real man is don’t you?  Its a man who has a real cock, not the tiny little pathetic excuse for a dick that you have dangling between your legs.   I think I’m going to enjoy tying you to that chair.  Strapping you down so you can’t even play with that tiny thing.  Afterall  I want to enjoy my fucking, and not be distracted and laughing as you tried to get that puny dick off.








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Is that your dick or a little worm?


I’m laughing so hard at what you call a cock. I can’t even
see it unless you show me where it is and then I need a magnifying to see it.
You make me sick, what am I supposed to do with that? I can’t even suck it its
so teeny tiny. I’m going to call my girlfriends and have them come over and
take a look at that little worm you think is a dick. Stand against the wall and
my naked girlfriends and I will throw pet treats for you to catch in your
mouth. If you catch one in your mouth then one of us will try to suck that
thing you call a cock. If you miss we get to pull on it. Maybe it will get
bigger if we do. You would probably like that too much. So we’ll have to yank
on it and see if we can make it bigger. I want all my girlfriends to go in the
bathroom with you and I want you to show them how you have to pee. I knew they
would get a kick out of the way you have to sit down and pee likes a little
girl. One of my girlfriend’s husbands just got here. Come out of the bathroom
and I will show you what a real cock should like. Now take a good look at that
9inch rod. Can you see how thick it is and look at that great big mushroom
head. Yours will never ever be anywhere close to that. In fact I doubt with
that little worm you call a dick can even cum. You keep staring at all my girlfriend’s
tits. I bet my little finger is bigger than that thing you call a cock. Let’s measure
and see. If it’s bigger than my little finger then you can suck our tits and
lick our wet pussy’s but if it’s not all you get do is watch us suck and lick each
other’s tits and wet pussy’s while we all get fucked in every hole while you
watch. I love the smell of sex juice in the room. Too bad your little worm of a
cock can’t satisfy us. You’re such a loser but if you call me maybe I’ll let
you watch. Call Maxine today if you think your little prick can handle it.  1-800-485-9561 and now you can follow us on
Twitter! http//

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