Little Dick gets to suffer.


There’s a chair set up in my room just for you, its where you will sit if you are lucky enough to be allowed to watch me get fucked by a real man.  You know what a real man is don’t you?  Its a man who has a real cock, not the tiny little pathetic excuse for a dick that you have dangling between your legs.   I think I’m going to enjoy tying you to that chair.  Strapping you down so you can’t even play with that tiny thing.  Afterall  I want to enjoy my fucking, and not be distracted and laughing as you tried to get that puny dick off.








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Is that your dick or a little worm?


I’m laughing so hard at what you call a cock. I can’t even
see it unless you show me where it is and then I need a magnifying to see it.
You make me sick, what am I supposed to do with that? I can’t even suck it its
so teeny tiny. I’m going to call my girlfriends and have them come over and
take a look at that little worm you think is a dick. Stand against the wall and
my naked girlfriends and I will throw pet treats for you to catch in your
mouth. If you catch one in your mouth then one of us will try to suck that
thing you call a cock. If you miss we get to pull on it. Maybe it will get
bigger if we do. You would probably like that too much. So we’ll have to yank
on it and see if we can make it bigger. I want all my girlfriends to go in the
bathroom with you and I want you to show them how you have to pee. I knew they
would get a kick out of the way you have to sit down and pee likes a little
girl. One of my girlfriend’s husbands just got here. Come out of the bathroom
and I will show you what a real cock should like. Now take a good look at that
9inch rod. Can you see how thick it is and look at that great big mushroom
head. Yours will never ever be anywhere close to that. In fact I doubt with
that little worm you call a dick can even cum. You keep staring at all my girlfriend’s
tits. I bet my little finger is bigger than that thing you call a cock. Let’s measure
and see. If it’s bigger than my little finger then you can suck our tits and
lick our wet pussy’s but if it’s not all you get do is watch us suck and lick each
other’s tits and wet pussy’s while we all get fucked in every hole while you
watch. I love the smell of sex juice in the room. Too bad your little worm of a
cock can’t satisfy us. You’re such a loser but if you call me maybe I’ll let
you watch. Call Maxine today if you think your little prick can handle it.  1-800-485-9561 and now you can follow us on
Twitter! http//

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Useless tiny dick

You walk into the bedroom and see me with a huge black cock filling my pussy and you can’t stop watching and I have another big cock in my hand and it is about to slide into my mouth and only dream about having your puny little dick sucked  or have me fuck it.  All you deserve is to have me tell you to watch me get fucked by big huge cocks and I know you wish you could satisfy me but you can’t not with your little cock, but I might allow you to lick my pussy to get it wet at least that is something you can get right.

I know you love watching me get fucked and I know you like being close and seeing that big black cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy so keep watching, that is all you deserve.

Call me soon 1-800-485-9561



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Know your place!

So little dick, I see you’re back for more.  Its  good that you know your place in life is to be my little bitch and fluffer.   There’s a big black BULL coming over tonight and you’d better be here, ready to suck his cock and then lick my perfect, incredible cunt to get it ready for him.  We both know that’s all you’re good for.  With that tiny fucking excuse for a cock its a good thing you have at least learned some skill with that pathetic mouth of yours otherwise you really would be completely useless.  I’m sure we’ll need to continue your training with my strapon though.  Heaven knows little cunts like you need to be shown their place regularly.

Now,  strip, kneel in the corner and call me.   If you’re late again I swear there will be hell to pay.

Mistress Zarah


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Loser Wants To Get Some Phonesex

Look at you, you look so pathetic with your limp oversized clit out in the open. What do you expect me to do with that? I hope you don’t expect to stick that thing anywhere close to me eww. You should know by now what kind of girl I am. And if you don’t then call and find out!

Mistress Danica


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Such a Loser

You wish


I see you there, gawking at me.  You’re so pathetic.  If you think for one second I’m letting you put that tiny cock anywhere even remotely close to my perfect cunt you have another thing coming.   Think of it like going to the amusement park, you must be THIS big to ride this ride and you, loser, do not even come close.   The most I will even consider letting you do is cleaning up the hot loads of cum that the REAL MEN leave when they fuck me good and proper.  I hope that with a dick that pathetic you at least have a reasonably talented mouth, otherwise you really would be useless don’t you think?  Now, I have one of my men coming over.  He’s got the biggest black cock I’ve ever seen.  If you beg really well I MIGHT let you lick me and get me good and wet so I can take his huge rod.   You can start by getting on your fucking knees, and calling me.   Lets see what kind of begging skills you have hmm?

Mistress Payne


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Suzanne says Look at His Big Black Cock!

Thick and Delicious!

Take a good long look at that big beautiful black cock!  That’s it, all of you teeny tiny little cuckold cocksuckers, take it all in!  See those thickly ribbed veins running up and down that immense shaft?  That is what I call pure pleasure! Something your pathetic lump between your legs could never give me!  I get to lick and suck on that dick all night long and all you get to do is sit in a chair, watching and giving yourself a squeeze to try and make that puckered little thing grow!

His humongous penis makes me cum so hard, I end up leaving a puddle in the middle of the bed.  I love to make you press your face into those wet sheets, just to give you a tease!  Sometimes, if you are very lucky and I am in a really good mood, meaning he fucked me so hard I a can barely walk, I let you lick my cum filled slit.  You try so hard to bury your face in between my legs it is almost laughable!

So, if you want to try and give me an orgasm, you are welcome to try!  Or you could listen to the way that big black cock fucks me hard!  Ever listen to some couple phone sex?  It is the hottest phone sex you could ever have!  So, all of you little cuckold phone sex lovers, call and see what I mean!




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You’re So Pathetic Phonesex

All eyes are going to be on us tonight, yes that is right my pain slut!  The time has come for the big web exclusive of how I am going torment your pathetic cock and balls, even to the point of pure agony, but don’t worry if you are good pain slut, then you will walk away with your cock and balls, if your disobedient then perhaps you will leave with a set of sutures and your balls in a jar as a reminder of your poor behaviour!

Goddess Danica


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Goddess Brenda Lee is waiting for you!

Your Goddess Brenda Lee is Waiting to Humiliate YOU!

Don’t keep me waiting too long! It will only make things worse for you!  I can’t wait to laugh at your tiny, inadequate cock! I’ll have you spank yourself while wearing a pair of my dirty, cum-drenched panties! Call me now, you tiny pricked loser!

All little dick losers call now!

Your Goddess is Waiting!

Goddess Brenda Lee


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Mistress Delores Queen of Penis Humiliation

We both know that a mature woman like me has the experience and know how to manipulate you, emasculate you,  degrade you,  castrate you and most of all humiliate you.

You pitiful loser,  step right up and experience real humiliation from me Mistress Dolores the true Diva of Humiliation.  Little Dick, prepare to be humiliated and stripped of your manhood.  Attention Pin Dicks, Limp Dicks and Cherub Dicks let this be fair warning I am not for the faint of heart.  If you can’t handle the humiliation don’t bother wasting my time.  I will not mince words just to spare your feelings.  If you feel I am cruel tell it to someone who cares.  You can be assured that I am the best at small dick degradation, humiliation and loser abusing.

Does your little panty ass need frilly sheer lacey panties?  Do you like the feel of soft silky panties on your wimpy cock?   I would love to control your sissy ass and transform you into the pretty girl that you really are.

Is your pussy ass in need a big hard cock?  Pull those panties to the side and spread those cheeks for Mistress Delores so I can guide my strap on into that sissy pussy asshole.  I bet you would love to be my sissy whore bitch.  Wouldn’t you?

Call 1-800485-9561 ask for Mistress Delores for Sissy Training



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