Month: October 2011

Sniff Those Dirty Panties Little Dick Loser!


That’s right loser!  Inhale that sweet scent of Madam Fallan’s warm wet pussy!  I just got fucked hard by this huge cock because your a worthless little dick who couldn’t please me if you tried!  I know how you love to suck on those dirty panties.  I am going to stuff them in your mouth so when I fuck you with that big, black strap-on, my neighbors won’t be able to hear your pathetic moaning.

But first, open wide and use that tongue to lick my juicy cream pie clean.  That bull just shot three hot loads of cum up there and I want you to suck it all out!  I am going to completely dominate you tonight, tie you up, shove those stinky panties in your mouth and fuck that tight little ass until you beg me to stop, then I will laugh at you and fuck you even harder!  Look at that pathetic little dick?  Do think you could please me with that small penis? You better stick with masturbation, my little cuckold, because that is the best fuck you are going to get!

Don’t get too comfortable, either, my bull is waking from his nap and needs to be serviced!  Now, do as your mistress tells you and get down on your knees again and open wide.  You better suck that big dick better than ever or this domination of your ass is going to become much, much worse….ever heard of double penetration???  From your reaction, looks like we will have to try it! Hahahahaha!!!

Kneel before me you stupid little dick!



Limp Dick Loser Has to Watch!


My limp dick loser husband is so pathetic!  He comes home from work and finds me getting fucked, gang bang style, by three huge black cocks.  Each one seemed bigger than the next!  So, what does he do with that puny little thing he likes to call a penis?  He goes in the corner and sits there just watching me, crying, begging me to let him join in! I only laughed at him and sucked harder on the cock that was filling my mouth.

He is still whimpering as he sits there on his knees in the corner.  I look over at him and the sissy, cuckold has pulled down his pants and has on one of my pair of panties and is stroking that tiny, little nub right through them.  I couldn’t believe it!  I got so mad that I told the boys to hold that thought, and handcuffed my loser cocksucking husband to a chair so he couldn’t touch himself!

I got fucked so amazingly right in front of him, that the bed was saturated with all of their cum!  When those big black bulls are completely satisfied, I go over to my husband and tell him to open his mouth and I sit that juicy, cum filled cunt right on top of his face.  You can see it dripping all over him and I tell him to suck it dry!  That is as close as he is going to get to my pussy or any of those sweet black cocks because they are all mine!



Is your puny little dick that pathetic too? 

Call SHAWNA at 1-800-485-9561

Small Dick Losers Like You Can’t Please Me

So are you just as pathetic as most of the losers that I talk to?  I will tell you upfront that I  have heard and seen it all.  The other night my girlfriends and I held a “circle jerk” party for a good laugh.  What is this you ask?  Well it’s when we invite all of the small dick losers over who not only have a crush on us but those who also enjoy pampering us while we make fun of their tiny  little excuse of a cock.  I am sure you would have fit right in amongst all of those inadequate fucktards as they hope to get lucky and get a sniff of our asses as we walk by.  Instead all they would get is a good crack on their panty wearing sissy asses.  Do you think you could actually please me with that little fucking maggot and dried up raisons between your legs?  You may as well be crawling around in  lingerie since a woman is never going to let you touch her with that tiny little nub.  I am going to bring you to one of my “circle jerk” parties.  If you want to know just how humiliated you are going to be then call me for some small dick loser phone sex.

Goddess Tora


P.S. That little fucking nub of yours better not be hard when you call.

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