Such a Loser

You wish


I see you there, gawking at me.  You’re so pathetic.  If you think for one second I’m letting you put that tiny cock anywhere even remotely close to my perfect cunt you have another thing coming.   Think of it like going to the amusement park, you must be THIS big to ride this ride and you, loser, do not even come close.   The most I will even consider letting you do is cleaning up the hot loads of cum that the REAL MEN leave when they fuck me good and proper.  I hope that with a dick that pathetic you at least have a reasonably talented mouth, otherwise you really would be useless don’t you think?  Now, I have one of my men coming over.  He’s got the biggest black cock I’ve ever seen.  If you beg really well I MIGHT let you lick me and get me good and wet so I can take his huge rod.   You can start by getting on your fucking knees, and calling me.   Lets see what kind of begging skills you have hmm?

Mistress Payne


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