Know your place!

So little dick, I see you’re back for more.  Its  good that you know your place in life is to be my little bitch and fluffer.   There’s a big black BULL coming over tonight and you’d better be here, ready to suck his cock and then lick my perfect, incredible cunt to get it ready for him.  We both know that’s all you’re good for.  With that tiny fucking excuse for a cock its a good thing you have at least learned some skill with that pathetic mouth of yours otherwise you really would be completely useless.  I’m sure we’ll need to continue your training with my strapon though.  Heaven knows little cunts like you need to be shown their place regularly.

Now,  strip, kneel in the corner and call me.   If you’re late again I swear there will be hell to pay.

Mistress Zarah


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