Is that your dick or a little worm?


I’m laughing so hard at what you call a cock. I can’t even
see it unless you show me where it is and then I need a magnifying to see it.
You make me sick, what am I supposed to do with that? I can’t even suck it its
so teeny tiny. I’m going to call my girlfriends and have them come over and
take a look at that little worm you think is a dick. Stand against the wall and
my naked girlfriends and I will throw pet treats for you to catch in your
mouth. If you catch one in your mouth then one of us will try to suck that
thing you call a cock. If you miss we get to pull on it. Maybe it will get
bigger if we do. You would probably like that too much. So we’ll have to yank
on it and see if we can make it bigger. I want all my girlfriends to go in the
bathroom with you and I want you to show them how you have to pee. I knew they
would get a kick out of the way you have to sit down and pee likes a little
girl. One of my girlfriend’s husbands just got here. Come out of the bathroom
and I will show you what a real cock should like. Now take a good look at that
9inch rod. Can you see how thick it is and look at that great big mushroom
head. Yours will never ever be anywhere close to that. In fact I doubt with
that little worm you call a dick can even cum. You keep staring at all my girlfriend’s
tits. I bet my little finger is bigger than that thing you call a cock. Let’s measure
and see. If it’s bigger than my little finger then you can suck our tits and
lick our wet pussy’s but if it’s not all you get do is watch us suck and lick each
other’s tits and wet pussy’s while we all get fucked in every hole while you
watch. I love the smell of sex juice in the room. Too bad your little worm of a
cock can’t satisfy us. You’re such a loser but if you call me maybe I’ll let
you watch. Call Maxine today if you think your little prick can handle it.  1-800-485-9561 and now you can follow us on
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