A small band aid for your tiny pee-pee

Grow a fucking dick loser. Buy some magic beans or something
because that is a vagina. I’m going to have to put a bag over your head I can’t
stand looking at you and that teeny weeny pee-pee at the same time. Maybe we
should get a band aid and put it over your penis. It would be a perfect fit. I don’t
mean the regular size you idiot I mean the little ones. That would be so funny I
could get my girls over here and show them your pee-pee fits a tiny band
aid.  Then we’ll strap you to the chair
while we four girls get to playing. You’re such a loser you’re probably going
to cry when you can’t play with our mature tits and oh damn I love sucking tit.
If you whine I’ll put in the ball gag you big whineass baby. That’s why your
dick is so small you’re still a baby. Do you need your blanky too tiny little baby?
I’m going to take the band aid off so everyone can look at your vagina you call
a dick. I bet you never show your friends how little your wee-wee is. You want
some mature women to teach you all about sex? If so dial this number loser and
ask for Mistress Sylvia…I’ll teach you how it’s really done.



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