Suzanne Gets Fucked By A Big Black Cock!

Lick his big balls loser!

When I’ve talk to you about how great it is to be fucked by a big black cock during our little cuckold phone sex sessions, you always wish you could see me get fucked.  Well, you tiny dick loser, here you go, he is fucking me with my legs high up in the air!  I told you I love getting his massive hard cock shoved deep inside my dripping wet pussy.  Some of you lucky guys have even heard me getting fucked by Marcus.

You remember Marcus don’t you?  He has that huge throbbing rod that I get to fuck all of the time!  I make you watch as I ride him reverse cowgirl style and you can actually see his cock part my pussy lips and slide all of the way in!  You see his black hands reach around and hold onto my beautiful full tits and bounce me up and down on his shaft.  I crook my finger and tell you to come over here and get on your knees in front of my pussy and his cock and tell you to watch.  Watch closely as that cock goes up and down, in and out, back and forth, and with each thrust that shaft gets wetter and wetter.

You have your pathetic little nub in your hand rubbing it like a pussy as you gaze up at me with this look of longing on your face.  You are such a small dick loser!  I grab you by the back of your head and smash your face right up against my pussy.  I tell you lick it and eat our fuck!  Slide your tongue right down to his big balls and suck them good for him.  It makes his dick really hard for my soaking wet cunt! You feel my juices start to slowly drip right onto your face as he fucks me harder and harder!

Perhaps, if you are a good little fuck toy, I will let you suck his cum right out of my pussy….perhaps…….

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