Definitely a Loser pt2

“This must be the place “she said as we pulled into the parking lot. ” Are you sure you want to this ?” I ask while I was pulling out  my mirror. “Seriously . ” She  cock and eyebrow at me ” and stated ” We are not backing out now that we done  finally got here . Gas cost to damn much! ” She exclaimed. “We are going in. ” She said quite pointedly. I laugh to myself  and said ” That’s why  you are my girl. So let’s go get fuck.” She glance   at me and grinned and replied. “Oh yeah!” I notice that the hotel was extremely nice and the bellhops were hot. But they were not our catch of the day. We got to room 469 and when they open the door . They  were  all ready  stripped naked lounging in a towel. These guys had it going on. ” Look at him. ” My girlfriend said ” He is massive .” They had they’re dicks out just stroking it. Those cocks were just glistening waiting for us to put our mouths on them. ” Come on in ladies the party is just about to begin.” Then out walk Travis the dickless wonder. He stood there next to his friends looking like a misfit pulling on his small little wee wee . . My girlfriend turn to me and said” See I told you. ” We started chuckling as they showed us the way to the bathroom. The fact that we were laughing and pointing  at Travis’s little cock didn’t seem to bother him in fact it made him stroke it faster.  Go figure . When  we came back into the room and they were all over us like white on rice I felt Johnny slide his hand up my thigh and dip his finger into my pussy I got wet quick.  My friend was on her knees taking a huge cock in her mouth and all the while Travis watch stroking his tiny cock while real men show him what he was missing…

Cum see what you’re missing




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