Month: March 2012

You Don’t Have What It Takes

Look at what I have to do for myself when I can’t find a real man to fuck. I would rather stick a cucumber in my pussy than to try to let you find that pathetic thing between your legs to stick in me. I told one of my real fucks that when you try to do anything around my pussy, there is so much room left, there is an echo. He laughed as he crammed his big black piece of meat in my pussy and told me that it felt pretty tight to him. Of course, we both know that anything else fills my pussy better than that pathetic thing you call a dick. Poor you, your finger is bigger than that wormy thing between your legs. I really shouldn’t say between your legs though. It really never gets far enough to reach between your legs. Your shriveled balls are almost between your legs, but not that pitiful thing that is easier to find with a pair of tweezers.  I have all my toys that you watch me use, and I get off that much faster when you sniff as you watch me fuck myself, because that is sooooo much better than you trying to do anything.  My best times though are when I bring some of my friends home.  You know, the ones that actually have dicks.  Don’t you just love it, when I have a big hard cock in my pussy and ass and mouth.  Remember that time when I even had one in my hand and I got creeped out when I thought an insect got in the house and had landed on my other hand and it turned out that you had tried to put that pitiful thing of yours in my empty hand.  It was such fun to watch all my lovers spray their cum on you for scaring me like that.  And it was really fun when we made you lick all that cum off that you could reach.  Your are such a lowly pitiful worm of a man that you will do anything we want just so you can be involved because no one wants you any other way.  Now, squirm some more you disgusting little worm.



This Was His Solution!

It all started when he wanted me to slide between his legs and lick his ass. It was dark and I wanted to see his dick. He refused at first but I finally insisted. I saw the smallest piece of shit dick and got mad. I was so fucking horny and he got this little piece of dick. That pencil dick mother fucker was a small penis loser. I mean it was so small i thought I needed damn glasses it was lost in all the hair he had there. I told him that I was out of there and that there was no way that he and it were even going to be together if he could please me. I mean everyone woman deserves to be pleased and well I was not very happy. He got up out of bed then  everything right about him but his small cock. He offered me the world how could I refuse but I did. I never wanted to be with a no dick motherfucker. He came up with this solution. I could fuck whom ever I wanted as long as I came home and told him about it. He  just wanted to smell my panties after  I was done. This is crazy I thought to myself but he was willing to do this to make me happy. I finally told him after explaining that I fuck some black guys with big dicks and may come home with my pussy full of cum. He said he would be ok if sometimes he could be with me.




Roger’s Next Lesson

Compare Your Small Cock to THIS!

You have done so well lately with your, um, “lessons”, that I have a big surprise for you!  Yes, VERY big indeed!  There is a knock on the door and I go to answer it.  I return with the largest black man you have ever seen.  Roger, this is my friend Charlie, from Las Vegas.  He will be assisting with this next lesson.  Now, take your clothes off, both of you.  I see you hesitate and say, “Don’t worry Roger, you are really going to enjoy this.”   Now, both of you naked, I tell Charlie to go stand next to Roger.  “See that cock Roger?  Now THAT is a COCK!  Look at how big Charlie’s dick is?  I know your cock is not that small, but compared to Charlie’s thick 11″ dick yours may as well be a toothpick.  This is what is going to happen.  Charlie, you are going to fuck the hell out of my pussy.  It has been a while since your big dick was stuffed inside of my juicy slit and I can’t wait to get totally filled up.  Now, for you, Roger, since my favorite position on Charlie’s dick is cowgirl style with my ass facing him, you will be able to see his big black cock slide in and out of my pussy.  I want you to get down on your knees, stroke that small cock of yours, watch his dick slowly go in and out of my cunt and smell the sex in the air.  Stick out your tongue and lick my swollen clit.  You know you love to eat my pussy, Roger, just wait until he makes me squirt in your face.  Can you guess what I am going to let him do to your tight little ass when I am done riding him?”  Call me now, you small penis loser, and find out!




This Juicy Pussy is Waiting for Your Call!

Johnny the Loser

Johnny gives me everything. I mean he makes me happy. But I am soo… I don’t know. Ok I do know. He has such a small penis and I am not very happy sexually. He wants me to well you know experience other men. I don’t know but I want to but Is it right. So tonight I say fuck it. I am going to do it. I know this black guy that I feel will do the job for me but I am a little embarrass.  Johnny wants me to so I will. I have this sexy new number that he suggested I wear. He said it makes me look hot. But I don’t know I think I look like a slut but there goes a knock at the door and there is no turning back now. I hear Johnny letting him in. I am so nervous. Johnny is calling me. I walk quietly into the room. There he was the black guy that is going to fuck me. Oh my God he has an amazing physique. He’s six foot one at least and smooth all over no hair anywhere. Even his humongous cock was without hair. Yes I am a little hesitant . He smiled at me and said come here. He put my white hand on his dick the contrast was exhilarating. I felt my heart skip a beat. He slid his had  between my legs and told me that I was wet. He didn’t waste any time he bent me over and exposed my pussy to Johnny who was stroking his little 2 inch dick looking happy. That’s when I thought what a fucking loser. Then I felt that big black cock penetrate me and I lost it I was so filled up. Johnny was looking at me telling him to give it to me good and did he?




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