Johnny the Loser

Johnny gives me everything. I mean he makes me happy. But I am soo… I don’t know. Ok I do know. He has such a small penis and I am not very happy sexually. He wants me to well you know experience other men. I don’t know but I want to but Is it right. So tonight I say fuck it. I am going to do it. I know this black guy that I feel will do the job for me but I am a little embarrass.  Johnny wants me to so I will. I have this sexy new number that he suggested I wear. He said it makes me look hot. But I don’t know I think I look like a slut but there goes a knock at the door and there is no turning back now. I hear Johnny letting him in. I am so nervous. Johnny is calling me. I walk quietly into the room. There he was the black guy that is going to fuck me. Oh my God he has an amazing physique. He’s six foot one at least and smooth all over no hair anywhere. Even his humongous cock was without hair. Yes I am a little hesitant . He smiled at me and said come here. He put my white hand on his dick the contrast was exhilarating. I felt my heart skip a beat. He slid his had  between my legs and told me that I was wet. He didn’t waste any time he bent me over and exposed my pussy to Johnny who was stroking his little 2 inch dick looking happy. That’s when I thought what a fucking loser. Then I felt that big black cock penetrate me and I lost it I was so filled up. Johnny was looking at me telling him to give it to me good and did he?




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