Month: May 2012

The Confession

Now is  the the time for me to confess. I have always known that she was not happy with me. I never knew what to say. As you can imagine I was embarrass by my size and performance in the bedroom. I don’t have much to offer in that department. I am as she would say severely lacking in that department.  IT all came down to this bitter cold night and we were snowed in. I had some guest come over for dinner and we had a merry old time drinking. Wine champagne beer those little weenies . No pun intended but it was a grand night and everyone started to leave one by one as the weather started to get bad. The wind outside started to howl just as Greg was putting on his coat. He was a tall black man. Well over 6 ft tall and extremely built. I heard many of the females gush over him tonight. I know he never have problems in the bedroom. Well as he was leaving the wind blew the door in with a blast of snow. “Oh shit man I was trying to get out of here before it got bad.” He said. She instantly got that look in her eyes.  ” No problem ” She purred as she got up to fix the guest room. I watch her there was this energy bursting from here and my little pecker got hard as I imagine that she wanted to fuck this black guy. In fact the way he kept his eyes on her I knew he wanted her to. I figure I make it easy on them I would slip out and pretended to go to bed.  I yawn and said good night. She look surprise and giddy at the same time. But she follow me into the room. ” No. No . “I told her. Go watch a movie you don’t have to come to bed because I am. ” Are you sure? she ask. ” Sure I said go ahead. See you in the morning and I made like I was off to sleep. Needless to say she was out of the room in no time. I could here them chatting as the movie came on. I climb out of bed  once it was on for a while and just as I thought they were kissing. She was softly moaning as he was sucking on her nipples.  I was standing there getting hard just watching them. Then came out the big wood.his dick was about 10 inches and fat. I watch as she took it down her throat. I thought what a cocksucker. She was truly wasting her skills on my little prick. He had his hands on her ass and she was rubbing her pussy and damn was she wet. I don’t think my little prick has ever been so fucking hard. I watch as he started to fuck her and then I just could take it any more I exploded all over the place and kept watching. He fuck the shit out of her good and she came to bed. I ran back to the before she could get into the room. But I was caught cause I left the shit on the wall. Damn what a fucking loser I am . She slid in with a grin and ask did I enjoy the show. I confess I did.




Better Fridays


I knew what was coming. I could tell from the way he was looking at me. Been there. Done that as they say. I tried everything to get out of it but he was persistent.

I love sex but with him it was. Let’s just say it leaves nothing to the imagination. Yet there he was every Friday night as usual trying to convince me to go out and then you know. I was just about to tell him to go when. I thought about conversation we had weeks ago. Then I change gears on him. I decided to let him have his way with a twist. He came over flowers candy the whole bit. Boy I thought the little loser must have really been wanting to get some. George was a good guy. But he had nothing in the kitchen. No junk which is why I told him we were going to have a friend join us. “Who ? he kept asking.”  I could tell that the idea intrigue him. He really thinks his little dick is going to be pleasing two women. I am laughing my ass off the more I think about it. I told him he had to come over and get comfortable. I ran bath water and told him to go relax made him feel like a real king for a moment.  He was in the tub when Jeannette came by. I had removed his clothes and replace them with lingerie . He came wrap in a towel and ask “What happen to my clothes? ” Jeanette walk  over and handed him  the clothes and said “Today you are one of us. ”  He took the clothes not truly understanding until she pull out her strap on and said ” I will be doing the fucking tonight and you ,my little dickless loser are going to watch then she grab me and kiss me hard. When she was done he was hard as a little rock. His little nub was funny looking but he got the point.  He got dress and watch as Jeanette and then Monica came over and tease his little dick and then fuck me it went on like that for a while. Then  we made him lick all the cum out our hot wet pussies. Then Roger showed up he rolled on the floor when he saw the little thing my loser was working with then pulled out his thick cock and started fucking all of us  girls. Yes that meant the little loser too after we humiliated and made him beg for it and now we have better Fridays that I love!

Looking for a better day




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