He Wanted Me to Scream!

He wanted me to scream. I just didn’t see how  when his dick was smaller than broken cigarette. In fact I think it was a cigarette butt. Yet I did try to indulge him. But it was a big fucking joke. He would get me all hot and bother and then utter frustration kicks in as he tries to fuck me. I haven’t the heart to tell him that he just ain’t getting the job done but I think he knows. We were doing it and he fucking started yelling “Scream damn it! Scream!” Then he look at me and  lost it he started humping faster and faster and I just look at him. When he finish he got up and left he didn’t say a word.  That  was last Friday.  Last night he call me and apologized. He said he wanted to see me and that he had a surprise. I said sure cause I was curious. When he arrived he had a friend with him. A rather big black guy. He pulled me into the room and said look I realized last week that I am a small penis loser and well I wasn’t cutting it. So I have my friend here Dre. He has a big dick and well I want you to let him him fuck you and make you scream like I never will. I look at him like what ??? But he was dead serious.  He pulled me to the door and told me to look at Dre. He was already striped naked and his fucking cock was huge. I turn to him and agreed. I walk back out there a bit timid but excited. Dre had his big black cock fully extended and dripping precum. Just looking at it like that got my pussy wet. Dre didn’t speak he just pointed to the couch and I bent over doggy style and he slid his black monster dick into my cunt and a started pumping I swear his dick got bigger and I started to scream my boy friend look at me stroking his little penis. As I was screaming I notice how tiny his dick look in comparison and yet I was happy because that little dick was the reason why I was screaming.