Month: September 2014

I’m his slave too!


My master is not only master to me, but he is also your master!  You are such a small penis loser that I have to be satisfied by only him now!!  He controls both of us now and I just can’t get enough!  He ties us both up and takes turns sticking his big, black cock in our mouths!  I actually think he likes the way you suck cock better, since that’s all you’re good for anyway!  But he loves leaving you in the corner stroking your own cock while he fucks your more than willing wife!  That black cock feels so incredible pounding my pussy!  Almost makes me glad you have such an insanely disappointing small cock!  Sometimes I hear you whimpering in the corner which just makes me laugh!  I used to whimper when you would fuck me too!  Because I couldn’t feel anything and would be so unsatisfied!  You can’t make me cum with that little dick of yours!  So pathetic!

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Your boss wanted a favor!


Your boss wants to fuck me?  Just the thought of it made my panties wet!  I had met him at that party last week and haven’t been able to stop wondering about how big his cock is since.  Your dick is just so damn small!!  Every time I look at it I laugh.  So when you told me that your boss said he will fire you if you don’t let him fuck me…..well, let’s just say, we both knew I would be fine it.  Finally some satisfying sex!  And your such a fucking loser that now I have to save your job for you as well!  You are a good for nothing small penis loser!  I just hope he will enjoy humiliating you as much as I do while he fucks my sweet hole.  Your humiliation makes me cum even harder.  Your tiny little dick does nothing for me anymore.

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I love riding that bbc!!


My husband makes the best little cuckold loser!  He is in charge of being the fluffer for me and my play toys!  His jobs are to keep  their big black cocks nice and hard, to lick their cum out of my pussy and ass, and to sit in the corner and take pictures while I get pleasured!  And the little bitch knows his place!  The day he took this picture he had to lick my pussy clean three times and my ass once.  It was a great day!  I love riding that hard cock while he squeezes my titties so hard!  And when he pinches my big hard nipples it makes me so wet!   Sometimes we stop fucking just long enough to look over at my husband and laugh!  He is usually weighing a pair of red lacy panties and his red lipstick has been smeared all over his face from sucking cock!  It’s a hilarious sight.  But then I start to feel that black cock throb inside me and I just have to start bouncing up and down on it again!  Sometimes my lovers will bend him over and fuck his tight little ass just to show him who is completely in charge!

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It’s time for your punishment!

Mistress Penetration

You are the ultimate small penis loser!!  That tiny dick could never do anything to make me cum!  Punishing you is all that brings me pleasure now!  You will do what I say or suffer the severe consequences!  Your little dick humiliation begins now!  My friends haven’t believed me when I tell them how tiny your white dick is so I think it’s time that we have a little party and show them so they can laugh at you too!  You will be at our mercy and perform for us as instructed!  We are going to see how much of this big, black dick strapon you can handle!  First fucking your little red mouth, then your tight little asshole!

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