Month: October 2014


My small penis loser just loves to hear about me getting fucked by that big, black cock don’t you!?  You love it when I tell you have he had my legs up on his shoulders and was pounding my sweet little pussy for hours!  You know your little cock just can’t satisfy me anymore.  Sometimes when he is deep inside me, we talk about you and your little cock!  And then we have to stop for a minute because we are laughing so hard about your itty bitty penis!!  Maybe one day we will let you watch so you know how a real man is supposed to fuck a woman!

Call now so I can finish telling you all about how we humiliate and talk about you while he pleasures me! 1-800-485-9561

 Marvelous Mandy

Cum have a taste with me!


You’re such a small penis loser aren’t you!?  Squat in the corner like a good little bitch!  Hands on your knees.  Don’t touch that cock even once!!  Watch while I take this big, hard cock in my mouth!  You want to taste it too don’t you slut?  Maybe if you’re a good little bitch I will let him stick it in your tight little mouth at least once!  Watch him take my sweet little pussy from behind!  Banging my tight pussy until he fills me with his cum!  Then you will crawl to me like the little cum puppy you are and lick and suck all of his hot cum out of my pussy!

Be a good little small penis loser and call now!  Luscious Lauren…..1-800-485-9561

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