Cable guy


OMGoodness. I have just had the most amazing experience, like straight from a porno experience. The cable went out and I had to call a repairperson out.
Oh My. Did I luck out; they sent Felipe out to my home, Mmmmm This man was gorgeous. Tall, lean and muscular, tatted and OH such beautiful mocha colored skin.  After he finished checking the out the cables lines and making sure my telephone and TV were working properly he came into the house. I must’ve made some sort of a sound cause he walked over, got real close and asked me if there was anything else he could assist me with, anything at all. Boy did I ever! Before I could finish nodding, his mouth covered mine. I knew by the way he kissed that this man was gonna fuck me just right, giving me pussy the attention that my current boyfriend couldn’t even dream of doing.

I undid his pants and his cock was huge. The term Big Black Cock does not do him justice. This was the biggest dick I had ever seen, my mouth began to water as I anticipated licking and sucking on this giant cock. I slid to my knees and fulfilled my desire of licking and sucking his cock while playing with his balls. MMMM delicious! He held my head close as he pumped his hips and began fucking my mouth. My pussy got so wet! Then he brought me to my feet by pulling on my hair. I love the way he took charge! He lifted my skirt and bent me over the couch, entering me all in the same motion. Soon I was crying and writhing with pleasure and pain, his cock was so big it hurt; it was so big that it brought me such pleasure and this man! Damn could Felipe fuck!
Then I heard it. The door. My boyfriend Don came home. It did not stop us! I kept moaning and crying, pleading for him not to stop, as though Felipe had any intention of stopping, he just pulled my hair harder and smacked my ass. My boyfriend rounded the corner and stopped dead in his tracks. His mouth dropped open. Then Felipe said “sit down boy; let me show you how to fuck a woman.” I kid you not, when Don sat down I laughed. I laughed aloud. I laughed at the pleasure Felipe was giving me and the look of shock and awe on Don’s face. I was screaming louder now, enjoying being fucked and enjoying the look on Don’s face.

I told Felipe I wanted his cum in my mouth and my pussy. MMM I wanted Don to watch as Felipe filled my holes with his cum. Oh Did he ever. He came so hard! I had cum filling my pussy, dripping from my pussy, he pulled out still cumming and pushed me to my knees and came into my mouth.
When he finished I walked over to Don and I grabbed his jaw and squeezed open his mouth, I was going to give him a taste, and I spit Felipe’s cum into his mouth and made him swallow. I told him to lick my pussy clean. I told him that if he could lick my pussy and make me cum again I might let him fuck me and cum inside me too.
Call me… I’ll let you know if Don got to cum…

Now that you have read how wonderful my orgasm was you don’t get to cum lol
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