Month: September 2015

Black Cock Sensation


Oh My! You caught me sticking my new pink dildo into this tight cunt. I can’t help but think about that time that I was satisfied by a big black cock. Again I wouldn’t have to stick any other cock into my pussy if you didn’t have such a nub. I mean my pinkie finger is bigger than your cock. Let’s move on now because I can not get off thinking about your cock.

I was sitting by the pool wearing nothing but a hot pink thong. I was laying on my belly when I was approached by this smoking hot muscular black man. He asked if he could lotion my back. I gladly agreed.  He started to rub the lotion in. I could feel his strong hands glide from my shoulders to the back of my thigh. He lingered on my thigh as the rubbing got more intense. I could feel as my pussy started to comply and my legs started to open. I allowed him to shift his hand up far enough for his hand to be cupping my pussy. He shoved my head down just like it is in the picture and started fingering my pussy. I could feel my pussy tighten around his fingers. He thrust his fingers in and out of my pussy. Before I could explode all over his fingers, he took them out and  shoved his huge cock into this tight cunt.  Instantly I came all over his cock making him explode in my pussy.

That excites you doesn’t it? It’s not like you could tell with your itty bitty dick. Ha, ha, ha! What a joke! Now cum here and suck all of his cum out of my pussy bitch!

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A Buzzing Good Time


MMMM this dildo feels so good in my tight cunt. You know it figures I would have to do this since you can’t get me off you small dick loser. I want you to sit there and watch as I force my pink vibrator in this wet twat. Do you want to help? Too bad, whore!  HA HA HA, you’re penis couldn’t satisfy me! It couldn’t satisfy anyone. No wonder all your girlfriends have cheated on you. You’re pathetic! A complete utter loser. Now sit here as I gracefully glide my favorite toy in and out of this beautiful cunt.  Oh My God, it feels so good. I am about to cum. I want you to stroke your cock as I cum all over this vibrator. Do you like that? You do, don’t you? Look at you jerking that pin prick dick with your thumb and pointer finger. What a joke! You want to satisfy me? Well, do you?  Then you need to bow down to me and take this humiliation like the little slut that you are.

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Itty Bitty Dick Committee


What are you doing? Are you masturbating that tiny dick of yours? You surly can’t satisfy me with that thing. I mean look at me. I am a barely legal blonde bombshell and you are just a loser. Just look at your dick! You must belong to the itty bitty dick committee. Since you can’t satisfy me it is time for me to fuck this big black cock. I want you to stay in that corner and watch me fuck this black cock.

You stand in the corner watching from afar as I guide the entire shaft into my tight cunt. You like that don’t you pencil dick? Good thing I am very experienced when it comes to sph. Maybe if you are good I will let you lick me clean. Back to the matter at hand, watch this ginormous cock as it slowly stretches this pussy out. It doesn’t take long before he is shooting his wade of cum into my pussy. You liked that didn’t you loser. If you had a big enough cock maybe you could have joined in. Now cum here my little cum puppy and suck this cum out of my twat.

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