Month: October 2015

Itty Bitty Slave


Hey you pathetic piece of shit! Yeah, I am talking to you! Get down on all fours and let me see what you are packing between those skinny female legs of yours. Is that it? This is what you’ve been bragging about? You are not good enough for this slut, you pencil dick. What a small dick loser! This slut needs something bigger than a pencil to get her off. The only reason I am even wasting my time on an itty bitty dick like yours is to get some amusement out of it through small penis humiliation phone sex.
No doubt you are going to fall short on making me cum with that small cock of yours, even if you try extra hard. Do you think you got what it takes to satisfy me during our small penis humiliation phone sex? It’s doubtful and I am sure I will laugh at how inadequate your harden pencil dick is. Lucky for you, I will make you my loser slave and you will be required to show me how you get a woman off because it’s not your itty bitty numb that will make me cum. Therefore, I want you to lick this hot wet tight cunt until you have me cumming. If you are a good slave and make me cum, then I will return the favor, but I will only return the favor if you beg for it.

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Honesty Is Humiliation


I have to admit that I am a cock whore and when it comes to size the bigger the better. I have to be honest with you and tell you that your penis is very small. Honestly, it is microscopic. It is hard not to laugh every time I look at it. You can’t be mad at me for laughing and humiliating you because I am only trying to tell you the truth. I am constantly showing pictures of your teeny tiny cock off to my friends. They all laugh as well and wonder how you could ever satisfy me with that thing. We both know that you can’t and that my boyfriend’s 10 inch cock does. I mean he is at least 8 inches bigger than you and when I have had a cock that big it is hard to even look at yours. It is really sad actually that you were born with such a small dick and I really sympathize with you when I call you a small dick loser, but you know it is just for your best interest. Other woman might have led you on by telling you they were satisfied with your cock, but they were just lying to you. We both know they were getting pleased by bigger cocks. Truly, my pussy deserves way better than your cock and I really love to humiliate you. Humiliating you really entertains me.

Why don’t you amuse me and call  Princess Stephanie at 1-800-485-9561 for some small penis humiliation phone sex. Let the fun begin.

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Three Inch Clit Dick


Some people would call you a wimp with a three inch clit dick. I mean it is no wonder you wear woman panties, your itty bitty three inch cock is pathetic. I need a “real man” in my life. A real man would throw me on this table and fuck my brains out, but not you. You can’t satisfy this woman with that mangina. Look at this sexy ass! Looking is as close as you get because nobody wants to see your clit dick so put that thing back away in your panties. What is wrong small pecker bitch? Did I hurt your feelings? You couldn’t expect any different when you walk around here like you have a huge cock when in fact it is false advertisement. I mean I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your dick is so tiny that it is useless. I have been faking it for too long now and I was tired of faking it. Don’t you worry your tiny clit off, there are plenty of “real men” who would fuck this tiny hole of mine. In fact, there was this man at the laundry mat the other day that threw me up on the counter by the washer and creampied my tiny hole. So, cum here and eat your supper. Make sure you slurp it clean and remember that there are plenty of small dick losers that would want this tight cunt.

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Small Dick Loser


I was talking to your girlfriend and she told me that you had a small dick. She told me that it was the size of a baby carrot. Pull it out and let me see it.
HA HA HA HA.. She was right. That right there is a ‘eenie tiny weenie. You are a man right because that looks like a pussy. From now on you don’t have dick, but rather a mangina. Come here I want you to fuck your girlfriend. I snicker. Who are you kidding you can’t satisfy her with that itty bitty dick. Let me pull my strapon and show you and your girlfriend what she is missing.
I insert my huge black cock into her wet pussy. She moans out loud. I thrust it deeper in. I grab her hips and pound away until I felt her warm liquid as it dripped down the cock and onto the top of my pussy. Come here baby dick and lick me clean.
Do you understand now that she needs a real dick not a baby dick. You must not have gone through puberty because that thing can’t even be inserted into a pussy much less satisfy a woman like ourselves. You are such a loser.

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Small Pecker Bows Down


Attention all you small pecker bastards. Princess Sophia is in town and is here to rock your world. Well, not your world, but this stranger’s world. I can’t stand the way you can’t please me. I mean what is that thing between your legs? A twig? Ha, ha, ha.. Since you have failed at pleasing me, I have no choice, but to let this stranger stretch all my holes out, fuck my mouth, and blow his load where ever he sees fit. I want you to sit back and see how things are done and you can sit there and jerk your numb.
I let him lie me down on the couch. He orders me to put my legs behind my head and I comply quickly. He buries his face into my nice tight cunt and starts licking my pussy much like a fat kid would lick the chocolate spoon. I can feel my pussy start to swell with excitement and starts to drip pussy juices all over his sexy face. My body starts to tense and I am moaning really loud.
“Fuck me! Fuck me now!” I demand.
He swiftly inserts his throbbing cock into my wet tight cunt. I gasp because his penis is very huge. His penis is about the size of a 20oz pop bottle and about the width of a pop can. It barely fits to say the least, but he pushes forward. You can see that cock stretch my pussy and you can feel your tiny penis as it starts to throb between your thumb and pointer finger. While he is pounding this pussy, he takes his right two fingers and shove them into my asshole. I call out. OMG it feels so good. At this point, I am riding both his cock and his fingers like it’s the last time I will fuck. Faster and faster he pumps his huge cock into this cunt until he blew his huge load into me. Come watch this beautiful creampie, you little chode, and watch as I shoot it out of my pussy. Now come and lick me clean. You get onto your knees and put your mouth to my pussy. Slurp! Slurp! All gone.
Now you small dick bitch, this is how you please a Princess like me.
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A Little Surprise


Oh, It’s you again, the small dick loser. Hush your mouth and come over here so I can get you dressed. Today you are in for a little surprise. I bought you something and I want it you to put it on. I pull out a brand new sexy see through red negligee, white nylon stockings, and black heels. You comply with my wishes and put the outfit on. There you go my sissy boy. I own your ass now, you pin prick dick.
Now I want you to bend over my bed with your ass up in the air. Smack! Smack!
“What did I say? I told you not to talk!”
“Now do not talk unless you are spoken to.”
I stick my finger in your ass dry. I take it out and get on my knees. I start licking around your asshole and down to your balls. You moan really loud. Smack!
“I told you no noise at all. Do you hear me you little small pecker whore”
I walk over to my drawer and pull out my strapon. I slowly put the head of the dick inside your asshole. I start thrusting my dick inside your hole. I bend over and grab the head of your little nub. I can feel the strapon moving against my clit. It feels so good I can feel myself about to cum. I thrust it in deeper and faster causing myself to cum all over the place. The wet liquid starts running down my leg. My pussy is so wet in anticipation.

Want to hear more? If so, call Princess Stephanie for some small penis humiliation phone sex at 1-800-485-9561.

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