Month: October 2016


Madame Lovelace

You are so inadequate in your pants that it is time for you to wear some panties and dresses. Yes you have a small dick and the only use you have in your life is to be my sissy boy. So get out of your man clothes and prepare for some more feminine attire. I have the perfect pair of pink panties and bra to match.  I have the perfect pink and white dress for you to wear, too.  I will put foundation, blush, mascara, eye shadow, eye liner and some fuck me red lipstick on you!  Wow don’t you make a pretty little sissy, perfect for whoring you out! I have brought my girlfriends over to see you and make fun of your little clitty!  When you have your panties on you look like you have a pussy because your dick is so small!  My friends also brought their strap-on’s to make you more like a woman.  Yes your new little pussy will have it’s cherry popped and stretched out. Would you like to be my Sissy boy?   Do you have a small dick?  Then you would be perfect for my Sissy boy phone sex treat

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Goddess Melonia

Ya know what? When we were making out and you pulled your pants down, I had to laugh! That was the tiniest dicklet I have ever seen, hehe. If you think your pencil dick is going to go into my cute, tiny twat, then think again needle dick. There is not a spot for your tiny dick, no one will want you. You are so horny for me that you force yourself on me. As you ram your tiny dick into my twat, I start laughing at you. I mean com’on, I can’t even feel it. Are you sure you have one, (laughing). When you finished I couldn’t even tell, are you sure there was cum that shot out of that needle dick? Maybe just a squirt (laughing).

So if your up for some Small dick humiliation phone sex then I’m your girl! I’m not as innocent as I look, so cum and fuck me If you can!

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