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Mistress Pascal

What’s up loser?

What the fuck do you want? To worship at my feet, no doubt. Well just so you know, that’s the most you should hope for out of this little arrangement.

Certainly you wouldn’t think you qualify for more from a Goddess like me. Look at you! You’re a sad, sniveling, excuse for a man. And that little pencil dick of yours just erased any sexual arousal I might have had. Keep it away from me, thank you. I don’t want you confusing this me with someone who cares at all about your desires or needs. If I wanted to fuck pussy I would have gone to a woman, guess that why you’re here huh?  So let’s be clear, this is the way things between us will work:

When I am having a bad day I will take my frustrations out on you cursing you and insulting you until you find yourself sobbing in the fetal position questioning why Mommy ever thought you should be born.

When I am having a good day, I will amuse myself by having you perform the most humiliating acts ever conceived of. Sometimes even sending you out into public to let complete strangers share in the fun!

In appreciation for my time and attention, you will shower me with compliments, gratitude, and gifts. Why else would I waste my time on you, Asswipe. Call me right now. Don’t make me wait!

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Because your tiny little man tool is completely useless to me, you will use your tongue and worship My beautiful ass! I adore Ass Worship almost as much as I do a big man cock! Come closer. Get down on your knees and admire at my perfect body. Smell me, and inhale my scent. My nice round juicy ass is ready for your fully devoted attention.  Make your tongue nice and stiff and slide it inside. Push it in! Don’t be fucking lazy about it. Spread My ass cheeks and get in there!! We have a problem. Apparently your tongue is as worthless as your cock. You need to be taught “Ass Worship Lessons” don’t you? I believe my Queening Box will be a great tool to teach you the proper way to adore an exquisite ass like mine.

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For Ass Worship / Small Penis Humiliation Telephone Sex



Miss Divine

As long as I can remember I have been aware of how men see me. Smart, bitchy, spoiled and demanding and a bit of a smart-ass. I don’t deny any of it and for some of you, you wouldn’t have it any other way. I have also run across white males who secretly craves someone like me, a sexy black woman who will put you in your place. I remember in my early…early 20’s dating an older gentleman, and I found out he was lacking between his legs. Far below my standard of what I enjoy sexually. He had a tiny dick! So not what I would EVER consider fuckable! I had to let him know I was NEVER going to let that tiny dick between my thighs. I did allow him to worship my pussy eventually and bring me pleasure that way. He was so embarrassed but I didn’t care! Actually, I enjoyed teasing his tiny dick and I know he did because that little nub would get so hard when I laughed at it LOL. What did I learn from that experience? Well, that there are men who love being teased and humiliated of course! So whatS your “thing?” Do you have a tiny dick? If you aren’t sure you have a little nub, then for sure call, I promise to let you know! Are you a closet pantyboy? Are you a sad little loser who doesn’t date because not even average girls would go out with you, let alone someone like me? Do you perhaps have bi fantasies? Many of you have them and love being called a dirty little cock slut!

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Call Miss Divine Now…




OK listen up you pathetic little Sissy Bitch, you are my whore and as such you will worship ME, only ME and let ME make it perfectly clear to you, you will Never Ever get to fuck me! I seriously can not believe that a little Sissy Bitch like you would have balls enough to ask me if you could fuck this sweet older pussy of mine. That tiny little worm between your thighs is much too small for a older woman like me to even want to touch it, let alone fuck it! I am in the business for sausage size cocks, not inch worm size things. I need a big cock and a real man and trust me ass whore you are not that Sissy Bitch Phone Sex kind of man and your cock is barely a clitty so you better just get down on your knees now and beg me for forgiveness for even thinking you had a chance. Otherwise I may not even let you touch that nasty little dicky of yours! If you do as I say, you may get to play!

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Mistress Kylie

Oh there you are! LOL I almost forgot you were over there, standing naked in the corner, facing it, and waiting so patiently for me to acknowledge your presence. Actually, I knew you were over there the entire time. I simply enjoy making you wait for me like the little pussy that you are . Waiting is such a true humbling act of submission. What does one do when they have nothing else to do but wait? You think about your place in your world. Your cock is hard and demanding my attention, but you don’t dare move or touch it without permission slut. I’ll know if you do, because the little bells I tied around your cock will jingle and give you away. Trust me… you don’t want that! You hear me slowly unzip my dress and hear the whisper of fabric as it falls to the floor (you’ll be picking it up later). Then you notice the faint sound of me slipping off my panties. I playfully stuff them in that pussy licking mouth of yours. Then I drape my panties over your face, allowing you to smell the deliciously fragrant musk of my pussy discharge and juices. You almost lose it then, but again, you don’t dare move. You don’t dare turn around. You don’t get to see your Mistress’s body unclothed. I know you want to so badly, but furniture doesn’t move. It doesn’t speak. It simply waits for me, thankful for the privilege to simply exist in my presence you filthy whore!

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Goddess Melonia

Yes, I’m talking to you, you’re the only pathetic loser standing there aren’t you? Your look of shock seems so genuine… or no, wait, it’s embarrassment, isn’t it? Really? That embarrasses you? I’d think you’d be used to it by now.

And now you want to deny it? I don’t know why you’re arguing with me about it. It’s not like it’s the first time you’ve been told that you’re a worthless little cunt who couldn’t make my pussy wet let alone even be able to fuck me!

I will admit though, you are good for some things. Like giving me a good reason to laugh, lol… you are a pro at that, right? You are so entertaining to myself and my girlfriends. You and that little pathetic so called cock you think you have put on quite a show when you pull on it for us ladies.

Feeling better about yourself? I bet you are… being useful in some way is better than nothing at all I suppose. Wait, you didn’t think that meant I’d let you put your disgusting dinky little penis inside of me did you? HA… really? Seriously? You’ve got to be joking!

Alright, we’ll go over it one more time. I am only penetrated by real men with real cocks, at least 8 inches and can stretch my pussy wide open and make me cum just as fast as they fuck me. I can finger myself, or fuck a real cunt if I want I don’t need your little 4 incher to frustrate me. But, since you want to please me so, how about laying down on your back, I’ll sit on your face and you can fuck me with your tongue while my juices run all down your face! we both know oral is all you little dicked losers are good for anyways!

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