You call that a cock?

Goddess Melonia

I see you’re here with expectations of a great fucking time. Well good for you. HAHA! And you had the nerve to whip that little thing out? Is that a cock or a man pussy with a clit? Have you ever even popped a girls cherry? Luckily humiliation phone sex is my forte. Cause only a pro could handle even talking to you and not running away from that itty bitty wiggle worm. Does something that small even cum? Or is it like a drip situation? Since you clearly won’t be able to fuck me you better be able to eat my pussy! Lick it all up. I’m going to teach you to be a mother fucking expert at eating my cunt. Otherwise you are useless. Can you handle this? You and that little pencil penis? Prove it or keep it moving. Cause my tight twat is worth it and I want to cream all over you.

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Goddess Melonia

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