How About Some CBT?

SPH Rhiannon

For those of you who may not know, CBT is short for “cock and balls torture.” Many men who practice the fetish lifestyle are into CBT.

A fetish phone sex caller was very curious about this. He asked me to describe what CBT entailed. I explained it to him.

“A man is usually tied up, at least his wrists. Often he is blindfolded, and sometimes has a ball gag inserted tight in his mouth. The Mistress, or whomever is performing the CBT, will often start by fondling the man’s cock and testicles. She may handle them kind of rough, and sometimes the man will remain soft, but sometimes he will get a raging erection.

I continued our phone sex call. “Often the Mistress will be wearing spike heeled boots or shoes. She will usually start by gently running her shoe over the man’s genitals. She may give a little poke with her pointy toed shoe, poking her heel into the soft area underneath the man’s balls. She may kick his junk around a little bit before entering the next stage of CBT.

“When Mistress moves to the next level, the man can expect some pain. She may step on his cock (not putting all of her weight on it, but some significant weight), and rub her foot back and forth as if extinguishing a cigarette. She grinds his penis into his own body, letting her stiletto heel graze his balls. These heels are sharp, as the shoes are rarely worn out of the bedroom.

“She then might take the toe of her shoe and place it underneath the man’s nuts, and then push in between his legs as hard as she can. She might grind her toe into the soft flesh beneath his balls. This will last for as long as the Mistress sees fit.”

My phone sex caller was aroused by this description, so we continued on with our own CBT fantasy…

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