It’s your lucky day wimp.

Goddess Melonia

Get on your knees wimp. You live to worship every inch of me. You have been dreaming of this moment for a long time.

I’m a Goddess and I demand and deserve perfection.

You should thank your lucky stars that I even gave you a second glance. I don’t allow just anyone to worship me. Time will tell if you live up to your promises of potential.

Why are you just standing there? Ugh I guess I have to tell you each and everything to do huh. Ok. You best be a quick learner if you wish to continue worshipping me.

Start at my toes. Their nails are still painted from the last weakling who serviced me. Lick and suck each of them. Come on, you can do better than that. That’s right. Suck on them like your life depends on it. Now work your way up my calves. Pay close attention to them, they’re tired from wearing stilettos all day. Now lick the back of my knees and then lick your way on around to the top of my thighs.

You keep looking at my strap-on, that’s ok because I know how much your manpussy aches for it. First, you’re going to suck it. Open your mouth wide, you pansy. You best slob it up good to get it ready for your pathetic ass.

Now stand up, bend over and spread that man slut ass wide. Now bear down a little bit like you’re trying to take a shit. My strap-on is sliding into your manpussy now.

Does it hurt a little? Good.

My specialties include domination phone sex, body worship phone sex, foot fetish phone sex, humiliation phone sex, strap-on phone sex and many more.


Goddess Melonia

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