Mistress Katerina

There you are looking at Me like a panting little puppy dog. Gawd you are so pathetic and such a loser. You know I am better than you and that is why you are following Me around. You are hoping you I will let you worship My ass, with your little pathetic prick, you’ll be lucky if I let you even gravel at My feet. That is your place, you pathetic piece of dirt, that is all you mean to Me. So go ahead worship My ass, I will grab that back of your head and make you smell of My ass juices. You will also lick My ass, cleaning it up for Me.

So if you’re in the mood for a little Humiliation phone sex, then I am the Mistress for you. Maybe you just want to let loose and get some Domination phone sex from Me. Either way I promise you will get what you deserve

Specializes: Domination Phone Sex, Humiliation Phone Sex, 


Mistress Katerina

For Humiliation / Domination Telephone Sex


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