Mistress Kylie

Oh there you are! LOL I almost forgot you were over there, standing naked in the corner, facing it, and waiting so patiently for me to acknowledge your presence. Actually, I knew you were over there the entire time. I simply enjoy making you wait for me like the little pussy that you are . Waiting is such a true humbling act of submission. What does one do when they have nothing else to do but wait? You think about your place in your world. Your cock is hard and demanding my attention, but you don’t dare move or touch it without permission slut. I’ll know if you do, because the little bells I tied around your cock will jingle and give you away. Trust me… you don’t want that! You hear me slowly unzip my dress and hear the whisper of fabric as it falls to the floor (you’ll be picking it up later). Then you notice the faint sound of me slipping off my panties. I playfully stuff them in that pussy licking mouth of yours. Then I drape my panties over your face, allowing you to smell the deliciously fragrant musk of my pussy discharge and juices. You almost lose it then, but again, you don’t dare move. You don’t dare turn around. You don’t get to see your Mistress’s body unclothed. I know you want to so badly, but furniture doesn’t move. It doesn’t speak. It simply waits for me, thankful for the privilege to simply exist in my presence you filthy whore!

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