Little Pecker Perv

SPH Jana

You want me to look at your cock and tell you whether it’s a big cock or not.  Hmmmm, ok. Drop your pants, let me see.

What the fuck is that?!  That’s the smallest cock I’ve ever barely seen.  It doesn’t even look like a cock, that thing looks like a pussy!  Haha! I can’t even stop laughing! You are hysterically pathetic and I bet you have never fucked a pussy, have you?  Wait. You’re what? You’re married? How? To who, your pinky finger and tweezer? Haha! You can’t be married to a woman, there’s no way that could even be possible because you can’t even fuck her with that tiny, little pecker that you call a cock.  I’m sure the woman you call your wife is fucking a man who’s got way more cock in his draws than you have in your panties. Haha! You’re worthless and it’s a humiliating shame. I’ll bet you put on your wife’s panties that she wore the night before when she went out and got fucked by that big black cock that makes her cum over and over and over again.  You could never do that, you can’t even get your little poker, pecker in her pussy, let alone thrust in and out. And forget about hitting that spot, you’ll never be able to do that. Damn shame! Haha.

Let’s have phone sex while you wear your wife’s after fucked panties.  I want to hear you stroke that tiny, laughable pecker. Haha!


SPH Jana

For Some humiliation Telephone Sex


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