Not All Good Things Come in Small Packages

SP Humiliatrix Alina

All things great and very small….  No! Now I know what you meant when you sent me that pic of your itty bitty, pinky clitty.  What the fuck! You have a nub, not a cock in between your legs. You are a humiliatingly pathetic embarrassment to the world of men.  You’re a worthless, cockless nobody and I’ll bet you’ll be single for the rest of your pathetic, dickless life.

I’m married.”

To who?  Peter Pan’s sister?”

My wife.”

You have a wife?  No way. Well, we both know she’s not with you for what you have in your pants.  And I’d bet my last meal that she’s out fucking another man who has a huge cock that makes her cum and squirt like you never will.  He’s big black mandingo with his cock slung over his shoulder like a fire hose.”

Well, she does let me lick her when she gets home from work everyday.”

I burst into laughter and said, “You’re so pathetic that you don’t even know that you’re her fluffer!  She fucks some big, black cock while you sit at home rubbing your nub until she brings her pussy full of cum to you to clean for her!  Fucking little dick loser, there is no better job for you!”

But I like licking her pussy whenever she lets me.”

Call me so I can tell you how humiliatingly pathetic you are for having a pen cap sized cock.


SP Humiliatrix Alina

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