Miss Divine

As long as I can remember I have been aware of how men see me. Smart, bitchy, spoiled and demanding and a bit of a smart-ass. I don’t deny any of it and for some of you, you wouldn’t have it any other way. I have also run across white males who secretly craves someone like me, a sexy black woman who will put you in your place. I remember in my early…early 20’s dating an older gentleman, and I found out he was lacking between his legs. Far below my standard of what I enjoy sexually. He had a tiny dick! So not what I would EVER consider fuckable! I had to let him know I was NEVER going to let that tiny dick between my thighs. I did allow him to worship my pussy eventually and bring me pleasure that way. He was so embarrassed but I didn’t care! Actually, I enjoyed teasing his tiny dick and I know he did because that little nub would get so hard when I laughed at it LOL. What did I learn from that experience? Well, that there are men who love being teased and humiliated of course! So whatS your “thing?” Do you have a tiny dick? If you aren’t sure you have a little nub, then for sure call, I promise to let you know! Are you a closet pantyboy? Are you a sad little loser who doesn’t date because not even average girls would go out with you, let alone someone like me? Do you perhaps have bi fantasies? Many of you have them and love being called a dirty little cock slut!

Specializes: Humiliation phone sex, blue balls, body worship, sissy phone sex, cross dressing phone sex, taboo, small penis humiliation

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