You Don’t Have What It Takes

Look at what I have to do for myself when I can’t find a real man to fuck. I would rather stick a cucumber in my pussy than to try to let you find that pathetic thing between your legs to stick in me. I told one of my real fucks that when you try to do anything around my pussy, there is so much room left, there is an echo. He laughed as he crammed his big black piece of meat in my pussy and told me that it felt pretty tight to him. Of course, we both know that anything else fills my pussy better than that pathetic thing you call a dick. Poor you, your finger is bigger than that wormy thing between your legs. I really shouldn’t say between your legs though. It really never gets far enough to reach between your legs. Your shriveled balls are almost between your legs, but not that pitiful thing that is easier to find with a pair of tweezers.  I have all my toys that you watch me use, and I get off that much faster when you sniff as you watch me fuck myself, because that is sooooo much better than you trying to do anything.  My best times though are when I bring some of my friends home.  You know, the ones that actually have dicks.  Don’t you just love it, when I have a big hard cock in my pussy and ass and mouth.  Remember that time when I even had one in my hand and I got creeped out when I thought an insect got in the house and had landed on my other hand and it turned out that you had tried to put that pitiful thing of yours in my empty hand.  It was such fun to watch all my lovers spray their cum on you for scaring me like that.  And it was really fun when we made you lick all that cum off that you could reach.  Your are such a lowly pitiful worm of a man that you will do anything we want just so you can be involved because no one wants you any other way.  Now, squirm some more you disgusting little worm.



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Watch As I suck a Big Bull Cock

Don’t worry, I know all about it, how your dick is tiny, too small to satisfy me.

I bet when we went to the bar last night you never thought you would be sitting their watching your wife getting fucked by a black man…..

Wear my panties and watch as I fuck this bull cock!  You can kneel by the bed and hold up my legs while I get fucked by his huge black cock.  The feel of his huge dick stretching me out is too much to bare!  My pussy is so wet and I am so close to cumming, but not before I get to shove this huge dick down my throat.  You can kneel and watch as I deep throat this bull cock and lick every inch of my pussy juices off of him.  Yummy….mmmmm  As he fucks me harder and harder you can watch as he brings me to heights of ecstasy you never could because this black man’s dick is thicker, longer and harder then yours will ever be!  And  when he’s done cuming into my wet pussy, if you’re lucky, I’ll let you eat it out of me.  Stick that tongue deep into my pussy and eat it all, lick every last drop out of my pussy and off of my clit.  Tonight, when you call me, you can listen to me tell  you in excruciating detail about these two black guys I picked up at the local night club….. how I had one guy’s dick in my mouth and the other’s dick in my ass…… call me,

Sloan,  for your small penis cuckold fantasy….


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My boyfriend invited his co-worker over

My boyfriend has a very small penis and I know from our experiences together that size matters!

He clearly noticed that he could not make me cum through penetration so after work one day he came home super excited talking about how he has a surprise that I will like but might find awkward at first. He told me that he’d spoken to his close friend at work about not being able to please me sexually and that his friend was on his way over! I was taken back by the surprise but found myself very intrigued. Who was this man and what excited my boyfriend about him?

Well when the guy came over he walked over to my boyfriend and shook his hand,  called me over and proceeded to put my hands in his pants. At that moment, I’ve honestly never been more turned on. My pussy was wetter than it has ever been and all because not only was he simply tall, dark and handsome but his cock was fucking HUGE! It must have been at least 11 inches of long, hard, thick, rippling muscle and all I could think of was him bending me over and sliding that big,  juicy, throbbing cock inside me. My knees started to go weak from the excitement my body was under.

I couldn’t wait to see it but as I unzipped his pants to whip it out he took my hand and led me to the bed.

Call me know to find out what happened! With some amazing small penis loser phone sex.

Kelli Anne



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Useless tiny dick

You walk into the bedroom and see me with a huge black cock filling my pussy and you can’t stop watching and I have another big cock in my hand and it is about to slide into my mouth and only dream about having your puny little dick sucked  or have me fuck it.  All you deserve is to have me tell you to watch me get fucked by big huge cocks and I know you wish you could satisfy me but you can’t not with your little cock, but I might allow you to lick my pussy to get it wet at least that is something you can get right.

I know you love watching me get fucked and I know you like being close and seeing that big black cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy so keep watching, that is all you deserve.

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Know your place!

So little dick, I see you’re back for more.  Its  good that you know your place in life is to be my little bitch and fluffer.   There’s a big black BULL coming over tonight and you’d better be here, ready to suck his cock and then lick my perfect, incredible cunt to get it ready for him.  We both know that’s all you’re good for.  With that tiny fucking excuse for a cock its a good thing you have at least learned some skill with that pathetic mouth of yours otherwise you really would be completely useless.  I’m sure we’ll need to continue your training with my strapon though.  Heaven knows little cunts like you need to be shown their place regularly.

Now,  strip, kneel in the corner and call me.   If you’re late again I swear there will be hell to pay.

Mistress Zarah


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Loser Wants To Get Some Phonesex

Look at you, you look so pathetic with your limp oversized clit out in the open. What do you expect me to do with that? I hope you don’t expect to stick that thing anywhere close to me eww. You should know by now what kind of girl I am. And if you don’t then call and find out!

Mistress Danica


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Such a Loser

You wish


I see you there, gawking at me.  You’re so pathetic.  If you think for one second I’m letting you put that tiny cock anywhere even remotely close to my perfect cunt you have another thing coming.   Think of it like going to the amusement park, you must be THIS big to ride this ride and you, loser, do not even come close.   The most I will even consider letting you do is cleaning up the hot loads of cum that the REAL MEN leave when they fuck me good and proper.  I hope that with a dick that pathetic you at least have a reasonably talented mouth, otherwise you really would be useless don’t you think?  Now, I have one of my men coming over.  He’s got the biggest black cock I’ve ever seen.  If you beg really well I MIGHT let you lick me and get me good and wet so I can take his huge rod.   You can start by getting on your fucking knees, and calling me.   Lets see what kind of begging skills you have hmm?

Mistress Payne


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Show me your tiny penis



I want you to kneel before me and show me that your tiny penis will never be able to satisfy me, and I will show you how I can make you feel even smaller by showing you an extremely large penis, how big you ask well it will be at least 9 inches maybe even bigger.  I want to humiliate you and tell you that you will never be able to satisfy a woman like a large penis can, and if you are a good boy I may even allow you to see that big penis shoot a nice load of cream in me and that is something your teeny weenie penis can’t give me.  I am waiting for you to call me and tell me that you have a  tiny penis.  I am Mistress Lenora and I want to make fun of your tiny penis.

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