Teeny weenie wimp.

SP Humiliatrix Alina

What is that thing between your legs? You call that pathetic stump a cock? My pinky is bigger than that. Hahaha no wonder you can’t keep a girlfriend or a wife. No woman would ever be satisfied with that thimble sized pecker. Look at it, I only need my thumb and forefinger to stroke it hahaha.

I bet that women only agree to go out with you for your money. You would have to have a lot of money to spend on me, for me to even give you the time of day. You will buy me whatever I want with no hesitation. After, and only after, you satisfy my hobby of shopping, I will let you attempt to fuck me. At most it will be a sympathy fuck.

Even though I have a tight pussy, I know that I won’t be able to feel your tiny dick inside me. You will fumble around until I get frustrated and I tell you to get off me. You will stand there with that puny thing in your hand as I use toys on my pussy. You are such a lazy lousy lover that I must resort to using toys for my pussy to be satisfied. I am going to tell all your friends how much of a wimp you are. I am going to fuck your friends as well. Their cocks will make me cum because your pinky dick can’t.

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Sp Humiliatrix Alina

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